I’m Atlantic Bitch part 2

So as you can see, I’m in Atlantic City today… and strolling along the board walk and roaming casinos, I’ve noticed that people are either on their fashion strut about showing how much money they have (as in brand names or faking brand names are more of the fashion trend) or they do not care what they’re wearing as long as they’re gamblin’ 😉

But I’m absolutely adoring strutting Atlantic city with my new boots my mom got me for Christmas. For real though, they couldn’t be more perfect. The simple boot everyone has with a touch of something colorful and different.


Oh, and these new beauties I got at a 10 dollar boutique while I was here


I’m in Atlantic Bitch part 1


Here is my full outfit for spending the day in Atlantic City with the family. Although you really can’t see it… Well I’ll help describe it. I’m wearing a light badge sweater poncho (Forever21) with a dark olive green long sleeved underneath paired with dark blue skinny jeans. Along with those new boots I was telling you about before! And my new favorite accessory… THE HAT. I love the burgundy color and black little braided rope around the rim, so cute! I found it at American Eagle for about 6 dollars! One of my best bargains!

Apology #2

Sorry for all apologies but I must apologize once more for all my old pictures. I’m trying to catch up and add on all my outfits even though they were worn from a while ago. Thanks for bearing with me, I appreciate it and from now on out they will be all new and soon to be non mirror pictures. Please tell me what you think!


All Hallows Eve


This is me trying to be a hot a school girl on Halloween. The skirt is a hammy down from one of my friends’ moms’; so i guess you could call it vintage? haha. And the bandeau is from Charlotte Russe, covered up with the cardigan from Marshal’s and topped with gray Steve Madden flats.

Go Big or Go Home


I could wear a big button-up shirt every day! They so comfy and cute! I believe I found this shirt from Salvation Army once again. Thrown on with some ripped jeans from PacSun again. I also wore the cute blue bow headband from 5 Below to add a touch of sweetness and girlyness to the oversized shirt. And I felt the ripped jeans added some laid backness.

Smile :)



So I snagged the smiley v-neck from a friend and found the tiny floral printed skirt from good old Salvation Army. The netted cardigan I found at a boutique in Milford and the sandals you can hardly see are swayed and buckle in the back and they’re surprisingly from Fashion Bug.  

I felt so light and sweet in this! Definitely one of my favorite outfits.

Visit To FIT Open House


Yes, this dress happens to be another Salvation Army original. I was just so drawn to the pattern of the dress and the extra piece of fabric that hangs and crops over the chest. I am also wearing a pair of patterned black tights with my clear houndstooth rain boots (mostly because at this time I didn’t own any other boots or shoes that would match, but I worked it) Along with a chunky swayed grey belt that was once my Aunt’s, to cinch in my waist. I am also wearing my gold heart earrings ❤

And this is me re-using the same outfit on Thanksgiving with a dark green cardigan from Old Navy and another old hammy down belt from my Aunt.