Fashion Advice and Quotes

001: You can never go wrong with a white long sleeved buttoned up shirt with blue skinny jeans and a nice pair of flats. Always a super polished, fresh, and professional look in a casual laid back way.

002: You can never wear too much massacre! When in doubt rushing to get ready, as long as you at least have cover up and massacre on, you are good to go!

003: Always remember to balance out how much skin your showing.

004: Modest is the Hottest

005: Safety pins are always your best friend to fix up any fashion mishap or what have you! So always keep a pack with you!

006: Leggings still aren’t pants.

007: Always have a cute leather jacket (black or brown) to throw on when needing some jazzy fun way to amp up your outfit. It’s just enough to get a bit of attention, but not trying too hard.

008: Caution with the sequence and lace love.

009: Always keep your nails polished (natural accessory)

010: AUTHENTICITY IS KEY. don’t wear something just because it’s a trend. In other words, don’t let the trend wear you. Otherwise you become the trend and then it’s not you anymore.

You make the outfit, the outfit doesn’t make you. *This especially goes for anything floral, tribal, lacey, or beaded*

011: Belts are a girl’s best friend when trying to hide the fat and can usually make an outfit.

012: Whatever outfit you end up going out in, BELIEVE in it. You put those pieces together for a reason, if you’re questioning why later on.. own that idea and creativity. For they’re your thoughts and feelings.

013: Looser clothes that hang always make anyone look good

014: Most importantly, DO NOT dress to impress. Dress to inspire others.


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