The Trendy Trends

I’m not saying don’t do them, I’m just saying if you are, take them one step farther! Don’t play them safe, instead experiment with them and put a little twist on them. Make them your own, or you’ll just look like everyone else (considering they’re what everyone else is wearing) and you shouldn’t hide your uniqueness! So put a little you into them! Make the trends your opportunity to show you there is more to them than just how everyone else is wearing them!

1. Boots on boots on boots
2. Lots of braided… anything!
3. Tribal prints (only authentic looking ones)
4. Floral prints (same thing-authentic only)
5. Blazers
6. Button-ups
7. Lacey lace
8. Big sweaters
9. Tie-dye!!
10. Lots of bracelets
11. Vintage
12. Skulls
13. Rocks
14. Head bandanas
15. Loose/hanging clothes

16. Toms

17. Collar necklaces

18. High wasted anything

19. Camo


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