Thom Browne’s Imaginarium

Thom Browne is magic.I honestly look at Browne’s designs and can’t believe something so beautifully imaginative could even be created like that. Reading about his thought process and how he works is something else. He knows himself so well and doesn’t question himself for anything. He does what he feels and it’s overwhelmingly inspiring to read about.



Go Big or Go Home


I could wear a big button-up shirt every day! They so comfy and cute! I believe I found this shirt from Salvation Army once again. Thrown on with some ripped jeans from PacSun again. I also wore the cute blue bow headband from 5 Below to add a touch of sweetness and girlyness to the oversized shirt. And I felt the ripped jeans added some laid backness.

On That Hawaiian Flow

ImageThis is not a great picture, nor a great fashion forward pushing outfit (considering I don’t even have shoes on) but I can’t get over this shirt I found at Salvation Army… A slightly cropped button-up Hawaiian shirt.. You can’t find that shit anywhere! And the hot bright pink is just simply radical.

Just sayin’.


The Doors



Can I just say I mostly just love The Doors so much.

Okay anyways, I took the classic big tee (from Hot Topic) with a short jean bottom. In this case a jean skort I found at Salvation Army added a stretchy studded belt to add some texture (and hide my fat). I felt the red Keds added a nice pop of color. And although you can’t see it, I love the white leather and gold watch I wore on my right (your left) arm.

p.s. there’s only a few more mirror pics, I am so sorry

Rainy Days



Nothing too special about this outfit, but that’s why I like it. Aint nothing wrong with a big university crew neck sweater and a pair of comfy black leggings with short cropped clear houndstooth rain boots. Oh and my favoritest big gold heart-shaped earrings you can’t see.. yay!

The boots are surprisingly from Famous Footwear and the sweater from school at Slippery Rock University (represent 😉 

Ducky Sweater Love



I. Am. COMPLETELY. in love. with this sweater! I found this piece of work in my garage! I love how it’s short sleeved like a t-shirt and has a little button in the back by the neck. I also love the fact there is an adorable little duck and flowers embroidered into the sweater!! I’m also fond with the way the bottom of sweater sits on my waist. I knew it was fate the second I saw it. I wore it with a pair of nice blue almost-high-waisted shorts and of course my Toms. 

<3 Button-ups



On my way to a fashion club interview which turned out to be a model strutting interview…

Anyway, I’m wearing a silky-like floral button-up shirt from Mimi’s Mintage in MIlford PA and a  pair of dark ripped jeans from PacSun with my favorite earrings of all time!! Big gold heart shaped earrings hung by little gold bows I got at a flea market. Which I’ve realized you can’t even see… l.o.l. I shall get a picture of those soon.. once I find them! haha. Oh and don’t forget the Toms

p.s. I can’t apologize enough for the mirror pic